Agostinho da Costa Ribeiro & Filhos, Lda. is a company whose core business is the extraction and marketing of granite and other stones as well as the construction and public works, among others.
It has been on the market for more than 40 years and has accumulated a vast experience in this business sector. The company has made some alterations to its size and corporate name through the years, in the quest of firm and consistent expansion. For a long time and until late 90’s, it was a single-member company, named after its sole member, “Agostinho da Costa Ribeiro”. In 2000, ACR became a limited company and adopted the corporate name “Agostinho da Costa Ribeiro & Filhos, Lda.”.

Agostinho da Costa Ribeiro & Filhos, Lda.’s main activity is the exploitation and supply of granite and aggregates. The granite exploitation, ornamental stone, is done in the quarry named “Pedreira Bouça do Lagido”, in Adaúfe – Braga (Northern Portugal), where the company produces cubes, setts in many different sizes, kerbs, stones of different sizes for walls, and so on. The primary activity of the quarry “Pedreira do Fojo nº 2”, headquartered in Santa Lucrécia de Algeriz (near Braga), is the extraction and marketing of different types of aggregates, such as: medium, coarse and very coarse sand, pit-run gravel, etc.

The construction and public works are also one of the major activities of this company, namely: earthmoving, excavation, sett and bituminous paving, trenching, infrastructures of wastewater and water supply, allotment, fragmentation by blasting, etc. (the company works with subcontractors for earthmoving, landfill and excavation works).

The company offers a wide range of equipment for rental (with or without operator), such as: generators, compressors, 360 degree rotation machines, backhoe loaders, tamrock, dumpers, etc.

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